Holistic Financial Planning

Life is so much more than just stocks and bonds. At LHD Retirement, we aim to serve our clients’ holistic needs.

As part of our holistic financial planning, we offer WealthVision, an innovative personal planning system that enables us to efficiently collect and analyze your financial data, enhance planning and goal measurement, and track progress against your objectives on an ongoing basis.

This fully integrated online planning system provides you with a comprehensive view of your financial picture, no matter where you are or where your assets sit. It can also help you consolidate and integrate the various areas of your financial life in real time, and can provide paper-based or electronic reports that can be viewed 24/7.

WealthVision provides:

  • Scenario planning from single-goal or event analysis to a comprehensive financial plan
  • A comprehensive, aggregated view of all of your financial assets
  • Real time asset values for your financial plan across multiple accounts and advisors
  • Secure, online vault for storing critical documents and information
  • A method for tracking spending that results in a consistently clear understanding of your spending and saving.

Our clients are people, not portfolios, and we treat each of them with the same courtesy, communication, and individualized attention we would offer our own families. Because, to us, that’s exactly who they are.

WealthVision is not affiliated with LPL Financial.

Passionate Stewards, Inspired Leadership

If you don’t have an overarching plan, how do you know if you’ll meet your overall goals? At LHD Retirement, we carefully assess your current situation and give you an empowering view from which to take action. Our goal is to make your life simpler by providing financial stewardship that helps improve your overall financial well-being and sets you on a path to meeting your goals.

Comprehensive financial planning requires us to have a deep understanding of your objectives and unique challenges. The plan we create with that knowledge is personalized, giving you greater confidence in pursuing your financial goals. You’ll also have confidence in our guidance knowing, as we work together to create a strategic vision for your financial future.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Yields Clarity For The Future

Our focus on comprehensive financial planning and wealth management helps you prepare a plan that supports clarity for your future. The process we use gives our team insight into your current situation, your dreams, and the lifestyle you want to lead now and in retirement. We provide skilled recommendations for:

  • Cash and debt management
  • Risk management (insurance review/risk mitigation)
  • Tax efficiency
  • Investment strategies
  • Retirement income planning
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Business succession planning

Our experienced financial professionals are empowered to provide innovative strategies and unparalleled service as they deliver objective guidance on all aspects of your financial plan. Meet the team who can provide clarity to your financial journey.

Our Education, Advice, and Guidance Relate to Your Outcomes

Our goal is to set you on the appropriate path for a successful retirement. It’s important to protect the assets you’ve saved, while allowing for enough growth potential to help you meet the costs of a lengthy retirement. Through frequent communication and education, we will establish outcomes for you to focus on as you move close to or into retirement.

Building wealth is more than just building a portfolio. Our team provides a personalized experience to each client that includes courtesy, individualized attention, and intentional communication. We want to be your resource for creating a strategic vision of financial wellness in retirement. While the process may seem overwhelming, we can provide clarity on how the right decisions can ease worry about the future and inspire confidence in your overall financial picture.